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Wild Dagga


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  • Power Shake on 2012-Jul-19 19:41:46 Power Shake said

    The blood of Kuman-Xi'nana! For years I've searched the lands of Asia Minor for this ancient relic, and I find it in Ver-mont being served as a Poom-Pow-Eeeeeenga'ha potion!

    Tasted great though.
  • ab3nd on 2012-Jul-19 19:57:38 ab3nd said

    So, ah, what exactly went into this?
  • Eric, the Other One on 2012-Aug-09 20:14:40 Eric, the Other One said

    Glad your search was fruitful in the end! -Figures it would turn up at Firefly...
    So this was a simple concoction- Just the flowers of Wild Dagga (Leonotis leonurus, a South African herb known as Lion's ear or Lion's tail), agave nectar, a little orange essence and a bit of molasses, all steeped in 80 proof Svedka vodka for 2 months.

    Modified slightly from "Leonotis leonurus is a shrubby perennial growing 2-3 meters tall and producing red, orange, yellow, or white tubular flowers. The dried flowers, when smoked or made into an infusion, provide a mild sedation reminiscent of Cannabis. They have a history of use in S. Africa as an intoxicant."
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